• Burcu Turan

    Burcu Turan

  • BatCoder


    BatCoder !

  • Hülya Uslu

    Hülya Uslu

    İzmir aşığı... http://facebook.com/hlyuslu http://linkedin.com/profile/view?i… ınstagram:usluhulya

  • Erhan Kıroğlu

    Erhan Kıroğlu

    Mobile App Developer | Indie Developer | ASO, Growth-Hacking Enthusiast

  • Duy Phan

    Duy Phan

  • Firoz Anwar

    Firoz Anwar

    Android developer | IT & Mobile passionate | Writer | Traveler | Learner | Foodie

  • Samith Premathilaka

    Samith Premathilaka

    Android developer, machine learning newbie, Enthusiast on accessibility TechForGood subjects

  • Çelik Nimani

    Çelik Nimani

    Partner and Chief Executive Officer at Frakton, a Software Development Company specialized in building custom Web and Mobile apps and solutions.

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